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Situated in the midst of California’s Central Coast rolling hills and vineyards, Paso Robles has been renowned for artesian thermal spring waters. The Salinan Indians, the most historical inhabitants of the area, knew this area as “The Springs” and found relief from various ailments in the therapeutic waters. Mineral springs throughout the world are unique in their mineral composition and healing properties, and the waters at River Oaks Hot Springs Spa are no different. Our water is rich in naturally occurring sulfur compounds and trace minerals which can provide relief in a variety of ways. Hydrogen sulfide gas (responsible for the aroma) is a powerful antibacterial agent, stimulating to the body’s mucus membranes, soothing to the respiratory system and calming to the skin.

Heated in Earth’s fissures, our natural artesian thermal water emerges at 117 degrees, rich with healing, restorative minerals. The warmer the water, the greater the mineral content and our mineral water is among the best in the area. Pure and rich, it is yours to enjoy at River Oaks Hot Springs Spa. River Oaks Hot Springs Spa has an exceptional selection of body treatments and tailored skin care with a focus on rejuvenation.

We offer you a unique opportunity to experience this mystical energy source while improving your health and well-being in a relaxed and exquisite setting. Many with joint-related pain disorders find comfort in the sulfur-rich waters, and all derive benefit from the general detoxification of a good, long soak in the artesian thermal mineral springs waters. Ancestors have respected and revered these waters for their natural healing powers.Hillside Tubs

Formerly known as Paso Robles Hot Springs the property was purchased in December 2005 by River Oaks II, LLC an entity of Estrella Associates Inc., a local family owned real estate development company.

Estrella Associates, Inc. has deep roots and ties to the Paso Robles area. Since their founding in 1985, Estrella Associates has developed land, built homes and commercial projects with a focus on environmentally friendly building and lifestyle practices. With the Spa now joining River Oaks as an additional amenity, it was a natural occurrence to reflect its new identity: River Oaks Hot Springs Spa – Creating Exceptional Experiences.

An extensive renovation was completed in early 2006, maintaining the historic landmark while incorporating modern updates that elevate the Spa to a contemporary, luxury spa. Pulling inspiration from River Oaks’ existing prairie style architecture, therapy suites and open-air tub rooms underwent dramatic makeovers. Five outdoor tubs were constructed, bringing the natural mineral springs for guests to enjoy under the moonlit sky. As soon as you step into River Oaks Hot Springs Spa you’re embraced by a calming grandeur. Our guests are energized by modern accommodations, premier spa services, and historic mineral springs surrounded by the city’s best attractions and world class wine.

Estrella’s experience in land development, home construction, community management and hospitality has resulted in strong and comprehensive service abilities. They take pride in ensuring everyone who lives in, or visits the River Oaks community and its amenities has an Exceptional Experience. They do this through their established Quality Assurance Program and company-wide dedication to outstanding customer service.

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